The technical-creative screen acting lab is a study and training proposal developed from the "Acting Self" methodology. As a central premise, the Acting Self method seeks to discover the infinite possibilities that exist within each one of us to create a unique and true "mediating self" that allows us to be "real others" for each character we play.

To fulfill this purpose, the Acting Self implements through a series of specific exercises, the four cornerstones that articulate its methodology:

·Acting score
·Acting layers
·Active observation
·Reconstruction of the self

Accompanied by a personalized follow-up and continuous practice, this technical-creative process will help you acquire the necessary tools in order to:

  1. Establish an honest relationship with the text to be played, as well as with the reality that the camera and the microphone create at each moment.
  2. Untie the knots that command and automate your body and your voice to adapt attitudes and behaviors that help you to build the oral and body language of the characters.

For this purpose, the work dynamics will be constant. In addition to carrying out the designed training plan, outside of class hours, the following tasks –among others– will be requested:

·Analysis of the material recorded, edited and sent after each meeting.
·Memorization of texts.
·Research practices.
·Preliminary rehearsals.

Commitment and dedication are essential for the experience proposed by the Acting Self methodology to induce you to change and, consequently, to make you progress.

For more information about the different modalities of the courses -group and individual- please contact us.